Adan y Eva

Just like in the Bible (Génesis II:21-22) Eve, the first woman, was born from the Adam´s rib, the “New Spain” today called Mexico was born as we know it today beacuse of the spanish influence in some way. In the traditions, history and human genes in the mexican people there is an important portion of Spain, important as the portion that Eve has from Adam. I represent Adam as a sperm cell and Eve as an ovule beacuse all the genetic information that the future human being needs to be created can be found in this cells. I´ve integrated a vertebral spine in each cell to give them an element that can transform them into independent future humans, beacuse the spine is the one that carries out with the essential functions of the body As Adam is been compared with Spain and Eve with Mexico. the sculpture of the sperm should be in a natural zone in Spain and the ovule should be in a natural zone in Mexico.






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