Negative zen

Negative Zen Introspective exercise of reflection

Objectives: To obtain the same result wich achieves the zen state of mind represented by the enso (the zen circle) To experiment if the sustitution of the self-injure for an imaginary one is possible. To offer the proyect as an alternative to the people who tend to practice the self-flagellation.

Motivation: Conflict about the acceptance of the self-body

Concepts to develop:


-Identity definition by: Pain Sickness Self-Destruction Humiliation Phisyc repugnance

Functioning: Each drawing of the series consist of three layers

1: deformed skeleton beacuse of the FOP disease

2: circle zen draw by the hair

3:layer with the name of the self-injure diagnosis


The participant should have anatomic vocabulary knowledge to reach full realisme thoughts. Read the self-injure in layer one. Remove Observe the zen circle in layer two to remember the objective of this practice. Remove. Perceive the skeleton image and reconstruct it in the mind adding what the body lacks (muscles, skin, órgans) following the diagnosis of each one.

Warning: To use in emergency cases of high anxiety levels.


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