R.S. (Reptilian Sistem)

The human brain its formed by different zones that evolved in different periods; each time a new zone was formed in the brains anatomy the antique one remained under it. This primitive zones are still active and operate in our brain according to the animals nature where this zones were originated: the mammals and before them, the reptiles. The reptilian brain is in charge of the basic instincts of survival such as the food searching, reproduction or fast reactions either to attac or running away. This instincts are authomatic answers beacuse in this animals the neocortex, the zone where the options are analysed and decisions are taken, does not exist. We still preserve this reptilian brain wich, even thought it appeared more than 200, 000 000 years ago, is still the responsible of controling our mechanisms to search a couple, a home and select leaders and these actions are very influenced by this brain zone characteristics wich are the hormonal and temperature control, hunger and thirst sensation, reproductive motivation and breathing control. Inside the spheres that interpret the spine in the sculpture a sinthesis about some of the most important behaviours of the list written by the neuroscientific Paul McLean is communicated:

Preserve: get together, to clean up to pair off, to captivate using colors and ornaments

Defend: to patroll territory, colorful and ornamental rituals to defend territory.

To own: home selection, territory establishment, to mark roads, hoarding.

Escape: unmark territory, to migrate, to return home

Attack: to hunt, to pursue

Be born: To be born in cold




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